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A perfect cup of coffee results from a job that involves many processes and begins where the coffee beans are grown: on the farm. Sanches Specialty Coffee knows the entire coffee production chain and believes that work in the fields and post-harvest steps are essential and defines obtaining a high quality beverage. Therefore, partners that provide the fruits for our roasted coffees are selected and all meet requirements that include proper management, technologies used, farm management, social and environmental responsibility, as well as traceability and certification.   


In addition, our coffees are all originated in volcanic soil of Pocos de Caldas region, south of Minas Gerais, which also has climate and ideal altitudes for the specialty coffee cultivation.













Curitiba Farm

Based in the south of Minas Gerais, since 1981 Curitiba Farm produces coffee at altitudes ranging to 1,000 meters. The farm has a total area of ​​376 hectares, 64 hectares of coffee cultivation and 20% of the total area of ​​environmental reserve. The process used on the farm is the natural coffee. The farm is UTZ Certified (UTZ is one of the most important certifications in the evaluation of procedures, food safety and environmental practices). It employs about 25 people, a number that reaches double during the harvest, generating new jobs. The farm is part of Andre Sanches Estate Coffee, a company that offers all employees school, sports infrastructure and a health center.

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